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The eligibility period for the use of CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funds closed December 31, 2021. All CRF programs are closed. The program materials on this page are for informational use only. Please visit for current Covid-19 funding programs.

The Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”) includes funds distributed to state governments to use to pay costs incurred in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. The purpose of the Coronavirus Relief Fund appropriation is for the funds to be used to prevent, prepare for, and respond to COVID-19 only. No other purpose is authorized. Funds may not be utilized to replace or supplant any other funding nor to fill any revenue shortfall.

U.S. Treasury Guidance and FAQs for State, Local and Tribal Governments can be found here.

The State Finance Department has established a separate fund in the State Treasury for federal funds and is authorized to spend from those funds within the parameters of the CARES Act and other federal and state law.

Eligible Uses:

Under federal law, eligible uses must meet three conditions:

1. Necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency with respect to COVID–19.
2. Not budgeted as of March 27, 2020 when the CARES Act was enacted.
3. Incurred on or after March 1, 2020, up to December 30, 2020.

Please thoroughly read the Local Government CRF Letter and Attachments dated June 12, 2020 for information and forms to submit for the reimbursement process. Information is provided here on how your county, city or town may access funds for that purpose.

Forms Required to Request Funds:

Local governments must complete Attachment A - CRF Acknowledgement and Certification and email it to before applying for any reimbursement requests. This document will be on file with the Comptroller’s Office that it will not have to be attached with each subsequent reimbursement request. Local governments must complete Attachment B - CRF Request for Reimbursement Form to request the actual reimbursements and include copies of detailed receipts for all reimbursement requests. If you have questions or concerns, please contact

COVID-19 Memos/Instructions:

COVID-19 Forms: